League of Angels 2



Defend the planet of Sapphire from an orc invasion


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League of Angels 2 is an interesting resource management/turn-based combat combo that puts you in the skin of the only angel who can protect planet Sapphire from the invasion of a dragon corrupted by evil and tailed by an army of orcs.

After selecting the name and gender of your character, you get transported to the capital fortress, where you have to recruit new angels to fight for your cause, upgrade your equipment, level up your characters, and pick the best team members for your definitive battle squadron. League of Angels 2 has two well-differentiated gaming systems: the fortress management bit, where you have to be clever about administering your resources while looking for and arming new heroes; and the battle and quests bit, where after picking your next mission you send a handpicked team of angels to fight against the orcs and other creatures laying siege to the kingdom.

This already-entertaining gameplay can be made even more fun by playing with friends, who can share their resources and support your heroes with extra energy, which makes beating the missions much easier.

Dispel the threat looming over Sapphire in this acclaimed sequel to the original hit League of Angels.
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